Musings of Her Bratness

Angels and Winged Creatures...

You know, I am serious when I say, I do believe there are angels on Earth. Just the other day I was reading about the little boy who was drowning when some stranger leaped in, saved him, and then seemed to disappear when no one was looking.

There are countless stories of strangers that do kind acts just in the nick of time, and then vanish before anyone can get their names or thank them. Those are truly angels. Why not more than a week ago I was up on my roof cleaning my gutters where all the leaves and pigeon poo gather, when I slipped off and was swooped up by an angel and safely lowered to the ground. If the angel had looked like the fella in this photo...I'd have kept him. He'd be still tied up in my guest room wearing a leather thong or something. Then again, I might have trained him to do useful things like clean the fish tank, organize my closets, and wash all my bras seperately so they don't end up in a mangled mess of lace, wire, and elastic. (nods) Indeed!!

No actually I just remembered, that was a UFO that flew by and caught me. So now I believe in angels and UFO's. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my garden gnomes are just statues.