Musings of Her Bratness

Where to start?!

It is always at this time of year that I start making my grand plans for kicking the proverbial butt of the following year.

This has been such a rollercoaster for me on both a personal level and a professional one. Posh Brats celebrated it's first year in business, opened a retail store, became a distributor for two major bath & body lines and enjoyed huge growth.

I am just proud as can be and needless to say a bit overwhelmed too!
Right now we are up to our eyeballs with holiday orders (already!!) and making sure all our ducks are in order to keep things flowing smoothly.
We are also finalizing details on our new retail location opening in Knutsford in January. This has been a long long saga that began back in March 09, when I decided a move to another location was necessary.

My American mind still has a hard time getting around just how LONG it takes to do anything in the UK. The myriad of red tape, paperwork, meetings, meetings about having meetings, etc can be exhausting. SO, the finding of a new location then securing that location is now tantamount to my idea of hell. I look forward to a time when I can hire someone to do that sort of thing for me.

The past months have seen me behind the scenes developing my own product line. It's nowhere near hurdle at a time.....but it IS coming in the new year. I have been busy tweaking recipes, researching, and planning. I love the lines I carry and I believe in them but I am very aware that the only thing that will push Posh Brats over the edge into big business is to have our own line of products.
Thankfully my years and background spent in the beauty industry has assisted me greatly BUT the main source of inspiration in this journey are the customers. I have some dedicated product testers that are brutally honest with me and that is priceless!

So...... watch this space because I will be making announcements soon regarding the new retail space!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

**I am off now to bake my pies and tea breads (and sample)**