Musings of Her Bratness

From the lab cometh.....

You asked.......I complied.....resistance was futile......yes, I watch too much Star Trek.

These are your new scents that you will see featured very shortly in PB products. The Wonderland collection is now retired and we are selling off the last few bits.

Phoenix Noir
This scent is in honour of a dear friend's coming baby boy who is to be named Phoenix. Merry meet, little man.....may the Goddess bless your arrival into this world!
Exotic black pomegranate, spices, oriental resins, sacred sage, redwoods, dark marine notes, a touch of intoxicating frangipani and a spike of dragon's blood. This is all sprinkled with a witch's blessing of health, strength, protection & love.

Miss Katrina
Named for the smiliest and most lovely lady back home. This was her scent idea and I've run with it. Katrina, I hope I did this justice for you.
The scent: Three types of ripe oranges~ mandarin,Florida fresh squeezed and exotic Spanish blood oranges are softened with Bourbon and Madagascar vanillas which is all spiked with the those most delicious buttered mint! The result is an amazingly sexy scent that will get you nibbled if not attacked by the hunk (or babe) of your choice!

Sugar Violet Dreams
Nicola....I'm looking at you, honey! This one is right up your alley!
The scent: Parma violets blended with fluffy marshmallow creme, sugared white cake, a touch of sugary bubblegum & almond cream. This is all folded into the most beautiful and softest touch of baby powder.

Madagascar Rose
Another scent inspired by two of my best selling scents. I've taken Queen's Rose Garden with it's varied rose notes, green grass, and herbs and blended it with my Madagascar Vanilla Angel scent....the result. A stunning blend caramelized vanilla scented roses with a touch of greenery.

Marrakesh Magick
This one is for my Caz whom I love dearly! She sends me fudge from the Shetlands, coffee from New Orleans and the Middle East....and is always there with that winning smile and witty words.
The scent: A souq marketplace alive with resins, spices, incense, a touch of smoke and dry dusty earth. Take all that and mix it with black pomegranate, earthy fig and some dark red wine....and you have magick!

Druid Gathering
This is for lovely Kate & Sarah who never fail to make me smile and I luvs them both muchly! The druids of yore have come to gather in the sacred wood following a crashing thunderstorm.
The scent: Deep dark wet soil, moss & lichen give forth their musty scent, rotting old felled trees and forest ferns & grasses touched with a very light scent of crushed wildflowers.

Lemon Brulee
This is just because I love lemon and when you combine that with creme brulee custard...well it is full of win! The scent: freshly squeezed tart Spanish lemons combined with the softer lemony scent of sherbert lemons folded into a rich vanilla bean spiked custard that has been sprinkled liberally with demarara sugar and broiled until it melts into a hard caramel crust. Yum!!

In Process:

Greek Holiday ( for Karen)

Filthy Rich-? (for Miss Beth in Nawlins)

Cowboy (for Ken)

Cymraeg Ardda~Welsh Garden (for Lucy)