Musings of Her Bratness

New Scents for the *upcoming* New Year!

So I spent a few hours yesterday up to my elbows in essential oils and fragrance notes to come up with some new scents for you and I'm re-stocking a few old faves too.....these will all start debuting in January after I return from my 'long winters nap'.

Old Faves:

Madagascar Vanilla Angel Cake:
Madagascar vanilla is the finest and rarest vanilla in the world......we use the real thing in our perfume! Combine that with the moistness of rich angel food cake and you have a scent that will get you nibbled! Don't say we didn't warn you! The scent: The beautiful and mouth-watering scent of real vanilla, golden angel food cake, and a sweetened touch of buttermilk sugar glaze.

Cheshire Cat:(Wonderland Collection)
"We're all mad here." The scent: A crazy fun mad mixture of wild forest berries, fizzy grape soda pop, melon, citrus and pink sugar.

New Scents:

Wonderland Dreams:
Do you ever wish you could escape real life and take a magical trip down a rabbit hole into Wonderland? This scent embodies the wonderland tale from that rabbit hole to the shrinking/growing episodes, an opiated caterpillar ,sarcastic striped cat, descent into madness with a wacky tea party and other adventures.
The scent: earthy rabbit holes, marmalade toast, piles of frosted tea cakes, a steaming cup of milky tea, stolen tarts, secret whispering woodlands and lots of sparkly things!

Honey Vanilla Shortbread:
I was making a 'high tea' scent and halfway there this scent emerged and I fell in love. Deeply aromatic Scottish wildflower honey swirled with a delicate vanilla bean infused cream and impossibly rich buttery shortbread...the combination of these notes is absolute heaven! I *personally* LOVE this!

Amber Romance:
This is softly sensual and sexy without being overpowering. Just when you think it might be a bit too soft and delicate a striking single note of black cherry peeks through the beautiful blend of amber, black vanilla, and sandalwood. This is NOT one of the many 'dupes' out there...this is hand-blended and utterly unique.

Blushing Orchids:
This is so light and feminine! I love the heady scent of orchids but by themselves sometimes they can be a bit heavy for everyday wear. This is one of those scents you will reach for again and again because it will enchant you. Beautiful sexy notes of tropical orchids blended with Madagascar jasmine, and English tea roses with a delicate note of powder and antique lace.

One of the most magical and dangerous plants used by's place in history is firmly rooted. Italian ladies of the court often used the juice of the Belladonna plant to dilate their pupils as this was considered an attractive feature as it mimicked the signs of arousal in women. This is also one of the main elements in witch's 'flying potion' that was used to anoint their brooms. At any rate what we have done here is to capture (safely) the intoxicating heady scent of the belladonna flower. Use this to create your own brand of magick! *wink* For those of you that enjoy 'darker' more exotic scents..this is for you. This is not just another's deep, dark, mysterious and a wee bit dangerous in a GOOD way!

Powder Room:
I love the scent of powder rooms in ancient,elegant old theatres! There's that amazing old world luxury about them with the velvet fainting couches, dark polished wood, ornate gilt framed mirrors. I always envision some character straight out of an Edith Wharton novel dripping with diamonds, enrobed in billows of lace, ropes of pearls and sumptuous brocade corset under her heavy velvet gown. I imagined a blend of her delicate perfume, rice facial powder, ashes of antique roses all enmeshed with the old world elegance of the theatre and it's own unique scent. If you prefer your scents to be a whisper of fragrance or you're just in the mood for something ultimately feminine...this is the one.

Midnight Thunderstorm:
Growing up on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico there is a scent that sticks in my brain that can instantly transplant me right back to my youth..... that of the late night thunderstorms rolling in off the water. That spike of ozone from the fearful lightening crashes, blasts of humid night air that carry the scent of crushed ferns and kudzu,and rain bruised blossoms with a touch of damp wood.

Sweet Dreams:
Soothing, aromatic and comforting....if you need to have a day that is relaxed, peaceful and without niggling little stresses...start off with this...or if you've had one of those days that is better left off the books...end your day with this scent and let it lull you off to peaceful dreamland. The scent: English lavender blossoms, night-blooming florals, Japanese magnolia, baby powder and a touch of vanilla.

Purple Flower Passion:
I asked my 6 yr old son Tyler what scent I should mix...he thought for a moment and said...Purple. Right...okay...purple. It makes sense, it's his favorite color and as a color it evokes thoughts of royalty and nobility. Well...I didn't want to go in that direction so it struck me...why not do a blend of purple flowers? As a rule purple flowers always smell amazing so I ran with it. The scent: Lavender,orchid, heliotrope,Alpine alyssum,pansy, lilac and violet. This is not for the feint of heart, it's a bold, bright and lively scent....but if you love truly does smell purple!