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Posh Brats American Thanksgiving Party!

Would you like to attend a fantastic event featuring all-natural products and an amazing Thanksgiving buffet?! RSVP here!

Well it's getting to that time again....time for another PB party before all the holiday madness hits everyone. Now, I realize many of you will never have the chance to experience something like this and I want to see if you're up for it.

I am proposing a party with a twist..... you know I always do food....well here's the deal. The party would be on
Saturday, November 27th and the theme is American Thanksgiving.

You have a can either come dressed as an Indian or a Pilgrim (colonist). Obviously if you just don't want to dress up you don't have to but in the spirit of'd be fun. There will be prizes for costumes too!

The food will be a traditional American Thanksgiving fare....turkey, stuffing, veg, and lots of pies, breads and goodies.
You are very welcome to bring guests! The more the merrier.